Phillip Hammond

Chancellor of the Exchequer

The government’s chief financial minister retains the top spot for the huge impact his financial decisions have on fleets and the green motoring sector.

His Autumn budget included good news for electric vehicles, with the announcement of £400 million to be invested into charging infrastructure and a further £40 million for EV charge point research and development. He also confirmed the Plug-in Car Grant will be guaranteed until 2020 and receive £100 million more funding.

Hammond’s budget however included some controversial rises in diesel taxes, including a one per cent rise in the diesel supplement for company car tax, and a higher VED band for diesel cars that do not meet the latest emission standards.

The EU single market is critical to the automotive sector, and Hammond is calling for a transitional deal where Britain would pay for access to the single market for 24 months after leaving the EU.

Phillip Hammond