BMM Energy Solutions

Terry Mohammed, CEO, BMM Energy Solutions

Supporting the UK public sector and businesses transition to low carbon fleets

As we navigate through these unprecedented times, it is clear that only through adopting a collective approach will we emerge successfully and achieve the targets set by our elected leaders. Never has there been such focus on reducing carbon emissions and what we must do to ensure a sustainable future.

For businesses new to electric vehicles, trying to make sense of the sheer number of options, costs, and benefits of transitioning to a ULEV fleet and installing an EV charging infrastructure can be a daunting task. What hardware should I use? Do I have enough electrical capacity on site to power the chargers I want? And do I need a back office software solution and what does it do? These questions, and many more, will no doubt be familiar to many GF 100 attendees.

That is why the GF100 Most Influential people in the EV industry is here! We are here to support, guide and teach using our collective knowledge to deliver and enable the “drive” to electrification of public and commercial transport.

Throughout 2020, Greenfleet has done an amazing job in keeping the EV revolution moving forward, embracing new means of communication which have successfully stimulated and promoted the green travel message despite the challenges the UK, and world, have faced due to the COVID pandemic.

Congratulations to you all for the positive impact and progress you have made in this fantastic industry and for making the GF100 list this year.

As we move forward in 2021 and beyond BMM Energy Solutions are here to help and support businesses through this challenging process and believe we have a solution that will fit your needs in a transition to a greener sustainable fleet.