Europcar Mobility Group UK

Providing real world experience and insight into electric vehicles

Sustainability is on the agenda for most businesses, and cutting emissions from transport is a top priority; it is an area where organisations have the ability to make change through direct action.

But there are still multiple barriers to businesses making the change, which is why, at Europcar, we are doing our best to provide insight and support to dispel the myths and provide real-world experience.

We are helping organisations taking a ‘test and learn’ approach, reducing emissions through limiting journeys, alongside testing new powertrains including hybrid and electric. Flexible vehicle usage – rental by the day, week, month or even several years – plays a critical role in this transitional journey.

Providing the insight into how EV will work for their operations – before they make longterm financial commitments - is also crucial, and is playing a fundamental role in helping to win the hearts and minds of employees who may be reticent to switch to zero.

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