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Celebrating the most innovative and influential people in the green fleet industry The GreenFleet 100

Colin Ferguson, CEO

Celebrating the most innovative and influential people in the green fleet industry The GreenFleet 100 is a great reminder of how far we have come in the past 12 months, celebrating the most innovative and influential people working to build a better future for us all. There is such a huge amount of passion and potential in our industry; it is important that we continue to nurture and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

2020 is going to be another exhilarating year of change. The electric vehicle offering has never been broader, with a huge range of cars to choose from. The electric van market is really starting to take off – and we will even see trials of all-electric trucks this year.

Charging infrastructure continues to grow and the stakeholders are starting to come together to make it bigger, better and easier to use. Initiatives like the JUICE joined-up infrastructure conference and exhibition, which we were proud to sponsor last year, show the appetite for collaboration between energy companies, charge point providers and fleets. The launch of the EV Energy Taskforce this month is the embodiment of this partnership approach – and it has made some bold recommendations to Government. It’s now up to the politicians to listen, understand and act on those proposals.

Joined-up thinking on EVs is at the heart of The Algorithm People, as it is data which joins the dots between fleet operations, charging infrastructure and vehicles. Our software enables you to identify the routes and vehicles most suitable for electrification, based on the performance of EVs which are already available.

More importantly, once you have purchased EVs, we ensure that you make the best possible use out of them. We can help you build a solid business case for investing in EVs now, by accurately modelling your environmental and financial return on investment. So if you’re investing in EVs this year, talk to us first.

Our approach is to provide a free initial consultation, where we can discuss your requirements and our services.

We can also demonstrate our algorithms and technology. This is normally carried out via an online session and conference call, which can be followed up by a meeting at your offices or chosen location.