LDV UK & Ireland

LDV - supporting GreenFleet and industry leaders in their commitment to greener motoring

Mark Barrett, General Manager

As we move into a new year and a new decade, it’s time to up the ante in terms of our commitment to tackling climate change and making the fleet industry greener than ever before.

GreenFleet and LDV UK & Ireland have a shared goal in the decarbonisation of the motoring industry and thankfully, many of the names in this issue, and those reading this right now, share our goal.

By working together, I believe that our mission for 2020 and beyond is wholly achievable. It is for this reason that LDV is pleased to support GreenFleet’s Special 100 Most Influential Guide to Zero Emissions.

As an industry, we can collaboratively support government-lead action plans on carbon emissions and with the general election behind us, we can now focus on what the next step is in our goal for a low-carbon motoring industry.

Now is the time to push our newly elected leaders to stay committed to the UK Government’s Carbon Emissions deadline for 2050. The next 10 years are crucial to the success or failure of that commitment.

But we also need to look amongst ourselves as fleet managers, vehicle manufacturers and company figures and ask, what more can we do?

As one of the few OEM manufacturers that can provide a full EV van fleet right now, we can and are helping organisations, businesses and individuals make that all-important switch to greener motoring.

Manufactured by SAIC and distributed in the UK and Ireland by Harris Automotive Distributors, LDV is leading the charge for greener motoring in the UK and Ireland.

LDV’s zero-emission EV80 range is available in four variations, including panel van, chassis cab, crew van and minibus – allowing businesses of all sizes and in all sectors decarbonise their fleet and help future proof their businesses.

LDV’s newest edition to the EV fleet, the smaller e Deliver 3, is the first vehicle in our EV range to be manufactured as a zero-emission fully electric vehicle only and will be available to order from 2020. You can find out more about LDV’s EV range and the Go Ultra Low grant scheme at www.myldv.co.uk.