SG Fleet

Our own company car policy is heavily incentivised towards employees choosing a ULEV vehicle, we have recently introduced both electric charging stations at our premises for our staff and visitors and also offer to offset all of the carbon generated by visitors coming to our site.

We monitor Co2 emissions of all our customers fleets and work on individual reduction targets for each as part of our annual strategic review. As part of our in house maintained telematics system (Motrak), we have introduced an electric vehicle viability option that encourages our clients to move to zero emission vehicles and alongside this we run on the road staff journey reviews to ensure the most carbon neutral method for the trip was taken and unnecessary road trips are not taken.

In our Employee Benefits side of the business, we have not only developed a specific product to enable clients to provide electric vehicles via sal sac to employees who do business miles, in lieu of a government solution for this as otherwise drivers are deincentivised as most of the rest of the market find, but we also provide charging stations for our clients as part of the service when introducing a personal leasing scheme and offer carbon neutralising options for all new schemes launched.