Moving into an EV through salary sacrifice

Tusker has been helping employees into electric and ultra-low emission vehicles for many years through its salary sacrifice car benefit scheme. Alison Argall, business development director at Tusker Direct, discusses how the company is progressing and what its future plans are

Please tell us a little about your fleet - what are the average emissions and how many vehicles are electric?
Tusker’s fleet has grown enormously in the past 12 months as more employers offer their employees the opportunity to drive a brand new car, often for the first time.

Our fleet is almost 40,000 vehicles, of which 75 per cent are EV. If we add in our order bank, it’s around 85 per cent EV. Our fleet’s average emissions is just 23g/Km CO2 which means we’re well on our way to meeting our EV100 commitment of a zero-emission fleet by 2030.

How satisfied are employees driving an electric vehicle through your scheme?
We regularly survey our drivers to find out what they think about the scheme, and what they think about their cars. The 2023 survey showed that 91 per cent of drivers are happy with their EV. And of those drivers who came to the end of their agreement, more than 90 per cent renewed into an EV and six per cent renewed into a hybrid, showing that people are not only happy, but want to continue to drive an EV in the future.

Tell us about how you adapt your schemes to meet the needs of differing businesses?
Tusker works with businesses of all sizes – from SMEs, to the public sector and large complex corporations. We understand that no two businesses are alike, let alone a company of 50 people compared to one of 20,000! We approach each implementation with a core plan, based on our 15 years’ experience of launching car schemes, but work with businesses to ensure the scheme fits with their individual processes and requirements

What are your plans for 2024 and beyond?
Tusker will continue to focus on getting people into the right car for them – whether that’s an EV, hybrid or petrol car. We’ll continue to educate people on the advantages of moving into an EV, where through salary sacrifice, they can save money and also help meet environmental adjectives.


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